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2019-06-17: The train that won’t run because of the strike may be delayed by adverse weather.

2019-06-17: Congratulations to radio.com for absolutely smashing the ‘lowest-cost implementation’ …

2019-06-15: Barbecuing in the rain. Because… I. Was. Promised. Steak. And. Sausages. #sufferingformyart

2019-06-14: Amazon product listing has some tough advice, but I’m OK… I needed to hear this.

2019-06-12: Alexa brings two new calling options to UK customers Alexa brings two new calling options to UK customers

2019-06-12: Well this is new and cool… In the UK Amazon Alexa can now make free outbound phone calls and …

2019-06-09: Need to check-out the back story of this Tesla Model S estate / station wagon. Equal parts impressed …

2019-06-06: Laziest street name in the city.

2019-06-05: Prototype @Monzo metal cards 🤫

2019-05-30: Interesting read: What I Learned Trying To Secure Congressional Campaigns

2019-05-30: I think that’s illegal.

2019-05-30: New Echo Show 5 looks cool and at £79 is quite a bit cheaper than the (lower spec) Spot.

2019-05-29: Tut… not even a ‘please’.

2019-05-29: Trying to switch to Windows again for work computer - font rendering is really ugly on this platform …

2019-05-28: Looks like if I cycle for a month I will *checks notes*… burn off a small latte 🥺

2019-05-27: An Amazon order contains 4 items: £14.59, £4.99, £4.99 & £4.93. They are dispatched in 2 …

2019-05-27: Fantastic news… Ghost now has support for publishing from Zapier 🎉

2019-05-24: Untitled Goose Game - “It’s a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible …

2019-05-23: “And then 2 come along at once…”